Friday, March 22, 2013

Getting Ready for Third Grade!

We have been working so hard in reading all year!  We have been learning about what good readers do to understand and remember what they read.  Now we are applying all that knowledge and preparing for the STAAR test they will take next year in 3rd grade.  It is HARD work!  We will continue to work on this the rest of the school year.  Check out the strategies we use below.  Discuss these at home and use them when you do the reading homework for the week.
  We use this in class every week, so everyone should be very familiar with this!
(click the titles to download and print the pages.)

As we read through the questions, we label the questions so we know what they are really asking us and what we need to do to find the correct answer.  This is kind of new to us, and we are still learning the best way to use these. 
Ask your child about these strategies!
**What the students really need to remember is to take their time and read everything carefully.  They also need to PROVE their answers....find the evidence in the text so they can prove that it is cocrrect!