Thursday, September 24, 2015


We have really been working hard on inferring in class for the past two weeks!  Inferring is one of the hardest reading concepts we will do this year. 

This week we learned that to make an inference we need to use our schema (background knowledge) plus our text clues (or evidence).

We had a great time on Wednesday when we practiced inferring with poetry.  Students had to infer what animal the poem was about by using their schema and text clues. Here's an example!

Click the link below to see some more poems that your child can do at home to practice inferring with poetry!

We also all met together with Ms. Becerra, our reading facilitator. She did a super fun inferring activity!  The kids were all detectives!  Ask your child all about it!

Monday, September 14, 2015

Spelling City

We have been practicing word wall words and word family words every week in class.  At the end of the nine weeks we will have a test over 20 of the words from your list. (10 word wall words and 10 word family words)  I will randomly choose the words for the test.  Don't worry, I'll tell you when the test will be ahead of time so you have time to practice. :)

I already added our list to Spelling City so you can practice with some fun games at home!

If you've never used Spelling City before, you can view the video below where I show you the activities that you can do.

To access our spelling list and games on Spelling City, click  below! 

Friday, September 4, 2015

Thinking about our Thinking!

This week we practiced doing "real reading."  Real reading is when we stop to think about our reading.  We used our giant thought bubble to practice this with a friend!

Thinking About Our Thinking!

We also learned how to use Think Notes when we are reading to help us think about our reading and make connections to what we read.  The students are expected to take notes on the side of their reading papers to show their thinking.  Here's the bookmarks we are using to help us remember to write our thinking. (These bookmarks should also be in the daily folders too, but if you want another copy you can click the titles below to download and print it out at home.)