Friday, October 17, 2014

Red Ribbon Week

Next week is Red Ribbon Week.  We will have a different activity every day to support our commitment to a healthy, drug-free life.  Please view the activities for the week below.

Monday: Wear Red
Tuesday: "Sock it to Drugs" ~ wear crazy socks!
Wednesday: "Join the Fight Against Drugs"~ Wear Camouflage
Thursday: "Put a Cap on Drugs"~ Wear a hat
Friday: "Team up Against Drugs" ~ Wear your favorite team jersey or shirt

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Inferring and Context Clues

Last week we worked on making inferences when we read.  In one activity, the class had to work in a group to read a poem and infer what animal the poem was about.  They checked their inferences by scanning a QR code to see the correct answer.  This was a big hit!

Last week, we also began using Edmodo in our book club groups.  We are all really excited about this.  I post a question, poll, or quiz on Edmodo and the book club members can use the app to comment or answer questions about their book.  It's fun!

This week was the book fair!  We stepped in to help Pre-K and First grade during the book fair.  We helped them find books they might like and we wrote them on their wish list.  This class is a group of GREAT helpers!  I was so proud of them!  They were very patient and helpful. 

We have also been learning about context clues.  We need to use the clues in the text to help us figure out unknown words when we read.  Today, we played a game with silly made up words.  The students had to use the context clues to help them figure out what the unknown word really means. Fun!

I told the class I would add a context clues page here for them to download.  This is a page for them to write their own silly word with context clues. They give the page to someone else and have them figure out the unknown word. Here it is...