Friday, May 12, 2017

Nonfiction Text and 3D Printing!

We have been reviewing nonfiction text features and reading lots of nonfiction books in class. To learn from one of the best nonfiction writers, we studied the books that author Sandra Markle writes.  Our favorites are her series of books- "What if you had animal...."

While reading these books, the kids took notes on their favorite animal's hair, teeth, and feet.  Then, they used that information to make a new hybrid animal with all of their favorite animal parts.  They had to create their animal and give it a new name.  They also had to present their new animal to the class.

The class voted on their favorite animal and we printed that animal out on the 3D printer!  Everyone did so great creating their animals and presenting!

Our class winner was Madison M.!  Her new animal is called the A.B.C. (Arctic Bengal Cheetah)

This was super fun!

Monday, May 8, 2017


We had a great Fiesta day learning about Cinco de Mayo!

We celebrated with a lot of great food!

We had a cake walk...everyone won a cupcake to eat!

We also made some beautiful flowers!

It was a great day!