Homework will be sent home on Mondays and should be completed and returned on Fridays. 

New words to study will be written in the daily folder on Mondays and your child should choose one practice activity from the menu to complete each night.

In addition, students should spend a minimum of 20 minutes reading each night.

 If you click on the links below, you will find some helpful activities and information to help your child study at home.


Higher Order Thinking Questions

(Questions you can ask your child before,during, or after reading.)

(Your child can practice writing word wall words. They can stamp, color, rainbow write, etc. to create their words.)

(Helpful tips to help before, during, and after reading.)

(Strategies to help your child when they are struggling during reading.)
(Guides kids in retelling the story after they read.)
(Word study ideas and games.)
(More word study practice ideas.)