Thursday, September 27, 2012


This week we had a great time using the ActivExpressions. We can use them to vote on answers or even text in our own answers! They are pros at texting...look out!

We used them to study our word sorts for the week and our new world wall words for the week. First, we wrote the answer on our desk and then we texted in our answers! So much fun!

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Mental Images

This week we are talking about really reading carefully and listening to what the author is saying to get a mental image of the story in our head. We started off by using our "visualizing tubes" to really zoom in and notice the details of things we see every day. We then talked about how to do that when we read! We are having a great time with this! The kids are doing so well with it!

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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Remind 101

Don't forget to sign up for Remind 101 to receive reminder text messages from me. If you need more information about this, please email me and let me know!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Classroom Connection

If you haven't signed up for Classroom Connection, please click the link below to sign up.  Classroom Connection allows you to view your child's grades and attendance.  You will need your child's student ID number.  If you need help with that, please let me know!

Word Work

We have started working with words in class!  We practiced reading them, sorting them into word families, spelling them, and using them in our writing.  You can do these activities at home too!  Click on the link below to view a page with word work ideas.



Sunday, September 9, 2012

Off To A Great Start!

We are having a great time getting to know each other and learning together!

This week we were learning about metacognition. (thinking about our thinking when we read.) We used our big thought bubble to practice! It was a lot of fun!

We also used our Twitter bulletin board to "tweet" our thoughts about the first few days of school.

Another fun activity was when we were able to share our thinking by writing ON our desks with MARKERS! This was exciting and so much fun! (Thanks Ms. Patterson for that awesome idea!)

What a great start to the school year! We have some great thinkers in our class!,
I hope to see everyone at open house on Tuesday, September 11th at 6:00!

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