Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Scaredy Squirrel

This week we are working on making predictions before, during, and after reading.  We read the book Scaredy Squirrel to practice this.  I think everyone enjoyed this fun book!

There are many more Scaredy Squirrel books that you can check out at the library. The author also has as great website that has games, videos, and activities.  Click the link below and check it out!

Thursday, December 1, 2016


We have been doing a lot of research in writing class and we will continue that into next week with our animal research project. The kids are doing great!

This week we finished up talking about main idea and moved on to learning about how to read and think about nonfiction stories and articles.

Today we learned how to stop and use Think Notes to write our thinking.

We read a great article from National Geographic Kids and used our think notes to stop and write our thoughts, new learning, connections, or surprising information. The class did great!

To see some more great articles, visit the National Geographic Kids website below!

Another great place to look at cool articles is Pebble Go!  Visit the site below.  (You will need a username and password.  The kids already know what it is!)

Friday, November 11, 2016

Main Idea

Next week we will begin learning about main idea.  Look below to see the notes about where to find the main idea.

Check out the song below that tells you more about main idea!

Here's another great video that shows you how to find the main idea! Check it out!

Author's Purpose and Research Writing

We had some fun this week learning about author's purpose.

We played the pie game...serving pies with different titles on to the correct author's purpose plate.

We also read some short stories and worked together to decide the author's purpose.  They used the iPads to scan a QR code to check their answers!

In writing we began researching penguins.  They were split into groups and each group was assigned a different penguin to research. The final project will be a poster with all of their information!

It was a great week of learning!

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Author's Purpose

This week we will be learning about the author's purpose for writing a text. The chart below shows what we will be discussing in class this week!

Check out the song below that talks about author's purpose!

Fiction or Nonfiction?

We have been studying the differences between fiction and nonfiction.  To make it more fun we played several games about the differences between the two types of literature.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Nonfiction Text Features

Want to see what we will be learning about next week?!  Check out the information below so you can really be ready for class!!

Next week we will be learning about nonfiction text features. The picture below shows you a few examples of the features we will discuss and use in class:

Watch this video to learn more about each text feature!