Friday, February 21, 2014


We are so excited for the Second Grade Reading Restaurant!  This is an event for 2nd grade students and their families only.  All second grade students will choose 3 books to read and take home.  All the books are FREE!!  (This event was funded by a LEAF grant.)

I hope you can attend!  Here are the details:
When: Thursday, February 27th at 6:00
Where: Velasquez Cafeteria
 (park in the back of the school and enter through the cafeteria doors.)
Who: 2nd grade students and their parents

Here's a few pictures from the Reading Restaurant event that we did last year!

Look at all the books you will have to choose from!!
There will be picture books, chapter books and many non-fiction books!
The 2nd grade teachers will be the waitresses! 
I hope to see you all there next Thursday!  Please let me know if you have any questions.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Learning Main Idea!

This week we are learning about main idea!  Everyone is doing great with this so far!

Here is what we learned...

Things to look at to help determine the main idea:
1. title
2. headings
3. captions
4. Picture clues
5. Text clues
6. Repeated words
7. First sentence of a passage/ last sentence of a passage
(Ask your kids about this...they should know every answer on this list!)
We refer to these notes to help us figure out the main idea!
To practice figuring out the main idea, we played a few games.  We used main idea bags to determine the main idea of the pictures in each bag.

We also played a sort game. This time they had to sort the words (details) into groups and decide what the main idea of each group should be.


Monday, February 3, 2014

Snowman Exchange

Last Friday we participated in another video conference! This time we created a class snowman. Then, we wrote a description of our snowman. We emailed our writing to a partner class at Huggins Elementary. Their job was to read our directions to see if they could create our snowman. Our partner class did the same thing...we had to create their snowman just by reading their directions. It was so fun! When we met during the video conference we shared our snowmen to see if we followed the directions correctly. We did a pretty good job! Ask your child about this fun activity!

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