Thursday, September 26, 2013

Working Hard!

This week we have been working hard!  We are learning how to infer when we read. 

We have a fun inferring song that we practice every day!

We also practiced inferring by pretending we were detectives.  We had to figure out who was missing their slipper!

The class had to answer these two essential questions this week:
1.  Why do reader's infer?
2. How do reader's infer?
Ask them these questions at home!
If they get stuck, look at this!

We are also having a lot of fun using the Would You Rather game to journal in the morning.  So fun!

Another fun tool that we use every week is the ActivExpressions!  The ActivExpressions allow the students to text in answers or vote on answers.  The answers show up on our Promethean board.  We love these!

I am looking forward to another great week next week!  Have a great weekend!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Parent Conferences

Parent Conferences will be the week of November 4th.  I will be available for conferences on Monday, November 4th and Tuesday, November 5th. Please click the link below to sign up for a conference time.

I look forward to meeting with you!

Another Great Week!

We had a very busy week with a lot of learning! 
Check it out!
Read to Someone Station


 Singing our song about Schema!

 Sharing during writing workshop.
*We also went to library this week.  Our library day is Wednesday, so don't forget to bring library books back every Wednesday to return and check out a new one!
*We will also be doing AR in second grade.  Please encourage your child to read their library books and then they can come to school and take a comprehension test on their story.  We are keeping track of how many AR points they earn as well as how many 100% they receive on a test.
 *This week in reading, we learned about schema and making connections.  Ask your child about this!


Friday, September 6, 2013

Good Fit Books

Last week we learned how to choose good fit books. Here's the rules we are using to help us choose good fit books!

We are also using the 5 finger test to help us choose books.  This test lets us know if the book is too hard, too easy, or just right for us! (a good fit)

Here's the 5 finger test:

Use these strategies at home to help choose good fit books to read!  Don't forget to read EVERY NIGHT!!