Wednesday, January 30, 2013


This week in writing, we are learning about verbs!

We know all about action verbs....thanks to our "action hero" Vicki Verb!

We also made flip books for our writer's notebooks to help us remember the action verbs.

We also learned that some verbs are present tense or past tense.

Ask your child to find some verbs in their books at home!

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Friday, January 25, 2013

Next Week's Objectives

Next week...

Reading:  Fairytales, Fables, and Legends. Students will be comparing different versions of the same tale.

Essential Questions:
*How do readers identify the moral, lesson, or theme of folktales and fables?

*Why do you think it is important to compare different versions of the same tale?
(See if your child can answer these questions!)

Writing: Using verbs. (past, present, future)  Writing small moment stories.  We will work on changing our small moment stories to many moment stories.

Review of  our writing strategies:
*Strong leads
*Adding dialogue
*Close-in endings
*Show, Not Tell
*comeback lines
*research details

(Ask your child what these mean and how they use them in their writing!)

Six Flags...Read To Succeed!

Your child will be bringing home some information about the Six Flags Read to Succeed program. If you choose to participate, students will be required to read six hours (360 minutes) at home. There is a reading log attached to keep track of their minutes. Completed logs must be returned by Feb. 22nd. Students who complete the 360 minutes of reading will earn a ticket to Six Flags!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Meet Ms. Stolle

I would like to introduce our student teacher, Ms. Stolle!  We are so excited to have her in our classroom.  She will be in our classroom until the end of April.  She is amazing!  Welcome Ms. Stolle!

A New Year!

I hope everyone had a great break! We are already hard at work in class! We started off this new year by writing our resolutions...I read some pretty interesting ideas.

We also reviewed some topics in writing and got right to work on using them in our stories. We are using the notes in our writer's notebooks to remind us of the great things we can add to our writing.

This week we used the new ActivExpressions to text in answers and share ideas. This was so fun!!

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