Sunday, October 16, 2016

Visualizing and Poetry

This week we learned that when we read we visualize what is happening in the story. We make a movie in our minds.  This helps us remember,  understand, and connect to what we read. We practiced this with our special "visualizing tubes."

I also read aloud a story and a few poems so the students could practice visualizing. They drew their mental images and compared them to the real pictures in the book.  They did great with this!

During stations, we now have Raz-Kids up and running. Everyone gets a chance to get on Raz-Kids to read and complete a comprehension activity.  You can do this at home too! Click the link below. Usernames and passwords were sent home in daily folders, but let me know if you need it again.

In writing, we are working on writing our own poems.  The kids are writing some AMAZING poems!  I'm so impressed with their writing.  We decided that we need to make our very own poetry book when we are finished fixing up our poems.  Look for our poetry book coming soon!