Wednesday, April 20, 2016


I apologize for not posting anything for so long! We have been so busy!  Let me update you on a few things that we have been doing here at school.

To reward our students for all their hard work on the reading benchmark test, we allowed them to pie a teacher in the face! This was so much fun...and so messy. I had a great time!

We are continuing to work VERY hard in reading class to make sure we understand everything we have learned all year.  It is more fun to work with a friend, so that's what we have been doing!

It is also more fun to use the ActivExpressions to vote on our answers or text in answers!

We have also been having some fun at stations using LEGOS to create story settings and characters. The students build a story with the LEGOS and then take pictures. They create a comic strip type story using a Story Visualizer app on the iPad! It's super fun!

We had a few dress up days to get excited for the upcoming STAAR tests.  Our favorite was dress like a nerd are a few of our nerds!

Last Friday was diversity day. This was a great lesson for everyone and it was so great to see everyone dress up to represent their culture!