Friday, January 29, 2016

Reading Awards, New Technology, and Nonfiction Text

It was another busy week for us here!  This week we discussed the recent reading assessment we took.  We went over how we did, we discussed every question and we had an awards ceremony with Ms. Becerra, our reading facilitator.  Students received awards for working hard and using all of their strategies.  They also received awards for high scores. 

We are also learning how to use our Lego Storystarter kits that we received through a LEAF grant!  The students use the kit to build a background and characters to create a story.  Mr. Wagner came to show us all how to use the awesome app that allows the kids to create a comic book type of a story using the Legos!  We are excited to get started with this.

The kids are also working very hard on reading and thinking about nonfiction text.  This week we read a nonfiction article about polar bears.  Ask your child about some of the amazing facts they learned through reading this article! 

It was a busy, busy week!