Thursday, November 21, 2013

Hard At Work!

The class is working hard to read as much as they can and take AR tests this nine weeks. Everyone is trying to reach their AR goal!

Library day is Wednesday, so I encourage the kids to read over the weekend and take their AR tests before we turn in our library books on Wednesday.

Popping Out Adjectives!
Last week we were hard at work learning about adjectives and how to use them to make our writing better. We even practiced using adjectives to describe of course we had to sample some popcorn!

This week we are learning all about prefixes and suffixes! The kids are learning how each prefix or suffix changes the meaning of words. If we know the meaning of each prefix or suffix, it will help us determine the meaning of unknown words when we read! Quiz your kids on this at home!!

Here's what we learned:

Have a great weekend and a great Thanksgiving Break!

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