Friday, October 11, 2013


This week we were working on visualizing when when we read....getting a mental image or picture in our head.  We did some fun activities to learn about this strategy!

We used our "visualizing tubes" to zoom in and look closely at all the details....just like we should be doing when we read!


We also did a fun activity with mystery object bags.  The class could only feel what was in the bag. Then, they had to draw their mental image and write the details that helped them figure out what the object was.

Our next acitivity was to listen to a story with a lot of details...without looking at any of the pictures from the book!  Then, we drew our mental images and compared them to the pictures in the book!  They did great!


Our final visualizing activity today was with poetry.  We read some poems by Jack Prelutsky  and underlined all the text evidence that helped us with our mental image.  We then drew our mental images.

Ask your child about the activities we did this week!

It was a great week!