Monday, August 12, 2013

Welcome To Second Grade!

I'm excited to start a new school year with all of you!
This is only my second year here at Velasquez, so let me introduce myself to you!
This is me...Mrs. Wagner
Here's some information about me!
I'm excited to be teaching at Velasquez!  I have been teaching for 14 years.  I taught first grade for 10 years, and second grade for 4 years.  I LOVE second grade!  I also love to teach reading and writing.
I am married and I have two kids.  My daughter Alayna, is almost 10 and my son Brayden is 7.
Here they are:
Here are a few of my favorite things:
*Taking Pictures
*Taking Naps :)
 I'm excited to start a great school year.  I know we are going to learn SO much and have a great time.  I will use this blog A LOT throughout the school year to share information and fun stuff we are doing in class, so check back often!