Monday, February 18, 2013

This week...

This week in reading, we will be moving on to learn about Non-Fiction Text Features and determining importance.

Essential Questions:

*How  do headings, pictures,and captions help a reader locate the facts in the text?

*What are the different purposes that the different text features serve?

(We will be working on these questions all week and learning about the different features we see in non-fiction books.)

Non-Fiction Features:
*Table of Contents
*Words in bold
-Ask your child the essential questions! 
-Have your child find all the different features in a non-fiction book.
-Have your child tell you the importance or purpose of each feature.
(click the title below to print your own page to do at home!)
Get a non-fiction book at home and go on scavenger hunt through the book!  Print the page below to do at home!