Friday, April 29, 2011

Awesome Author!

Our Awesome Author this week~ Thomas


When I was 7 I went to recess. My class had to walk because we were on yellow in the cafeteria. Everybody stomped their feet. Then my class paused. We heard a voice saying "My class if you're on green you can go play!" There was a deep dust in the air from all the people running. Caleb met me at the big toy. "How about a game of tag." I said. So we played tag. Caleb was it. Caleb tripped and fell. I said,"Are you OK?" Caleb nodded. He got up and we heard the whistle. We ran to the line. Mrs. Wagner led us to the door. Finally we went in. Everybody took a deep breath and let it out. We each got a drink from the fountain. What happens next.....?

Good Job Thomas!