Friday, September 30, 2016

More Fun With Inferring

We are continuing to work on inferring the meaning of text and unknown words in class.  We had some fun this week making inferences about pictures and mystery animals!  We also read some animal poems and looked carefully for clues so we could infer what animal the poem was about.  Ask your child about this!

Another fun game was reading clues and looking at pictures. The students had to make  inferences about what they read and check their answers by using the iPads to scan a QR code!

In writing, we learned how to revise and edit our stories.  It was fun to work with an "editor" to make our writing better.

It was a fun week!

Thursday, September 22, 2016


We have been working on making inferences when we read for a couple weeks now.  We learned that we need to use our schema and text evidence to make a good inference.

Check out the fun video below to see Kermit the Frog and Cookie Monster play a mystery box inferring game! :)

Word Sorts and Writing!

We have been working hard on sorting words according to their word family.  Every Monday, the kids get a word sort that is a "good-fit" for them.  They cut out the words and sort them according to the word patterns they have.  The students practice reading and sorting their words every day and on Fridays they glue them down and we check their progress.

We have also been working on writing personal narratives or small moments about our lives.  We learned how to add transition words to put our story in order and make it more interesting.

We have some hard workers in this class!

Friday, September 16, 2016

International Dot Day!

September 15th was International Dot Day!  This special day correlates to the book The Dot.  We read this book in class and then made our own dots on a special paper. We use the Quiver app to make our dots come to life. 3D!  It's really cool!  If you want to do this at home, the app is free. You can visit their website to download a few free pages and then use the free app!

Visit their website here to download some free pages to use with the app!

We also created our own large "dots" for our Dot Day tree!

Click below to see the author of The Dot read aloud to you!

Here's The Dot song!

Friday, September 2, 2016

Our First Two Weeks

We are already very busy in class and working so hard.  Here is what we have been doing...

Practicing Metacognition: Thinking about our thinking when we're reading!

Playing some word games to study our words for the week!

We learned how to find good-fit books and how to read with a partner.

We also learned how to use our ActivExpressions to practice words and text in answers about our picture of the day. This was fun!

This week were studying genres and we took some time to sort some real books into the correct genres! They did great!