Thursday, October 22, 2015

Red Ribbon Week!

Next week is Red Ribbon Week!  Take a look at the activities planned for each day of the week.  You can dress up and participate in a poster contest! (Click the links to download and print your own copy.)


Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Spelling City for the Second Nine Weeks

Next week we will start the 2nd nine weeks.  I have added most of our words for the 2nd nine weeks to a new list on Spelling City.  You can get started on learning the words by clicking the link below and playing the Spelling City games!  Have Fun!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Subjects and Predicates

Next week we will also be learning about subjects and predicates.  Click the link below to take a look at this video that describes subjects and predicates.  Watch it all the way to the end to take a short quiz!

Friendly Letters

Next week we will be working on writing friendly letters.  Take a look at this fun video to learn about the parts of a friendly letter!

Here's an example of a friendly letter.  This is what we will be using to help us write next week in class!

Friday, October 16, 2015

Pink Out!

Today was "Pink Out Day" for breast cancer awareness.  The school was full of pink today!  Here's a snapshot of our 3rd graders that participated!

Dictionary Day!

Yesterday all the third graders were given their very own dictionaries to keep!  The Rotary Club of Rosenberg was kind enough to donate the dictionaries and present them to the students yesterday.  What a great gift!

We had to do a silly picture too!

Friday, October 9, 2015

Prefixes and Suffixes

Next week we will be working on prefixes and suffixes.  Take a look at this fun video with a short quiz on prefixes at the end!  Click the link to view!

Here's a cheat sheet if you need some help with the quiz at the end! :)

A Very Busy Week!

We had another very busy week full of learning and a little fun!  This week was the book fair.  Our class volunteered to help out with the younger classes. (Third graders are finally the "big kids" and get to help others!)  We made several trips to the library to help Pre-K, Kinder, and 1st grade write down their book choices.  I was so proud of your kids!  They were so patient and helpful!

This week we also used our ActivExpressions to vote on answers and text in our own words and answers during the lesson.  This is super fun!  Ask your child all about it!

In reading we were learning about sequence and summary. Our strategy for summary questions is to take notes and find an answer choice that has B, M, E!

In writing we are working on finalizing the body of our essays and we learned how to write a great introduction.  Next week we will learn how to add the conclusion and begin fixing it up for a final draft!

It was a busy week, but it was full of learning.  Your kids are working SO HARD! 

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Plot Video and Quiz

OK friends, I have been experimenting with a new site that allows me to add videos and questions together.  Check out this video and quiz on plot! Just click the link below.  You only have to type in your name to view the video.

Book Clubs

This week we learned how to work together in a book club.  We started with a picture book so we could work on the book club rules and strategies together. Soon we will move on to reading chapter books in our book clubs.  I think everyone is pretty excited!

We also learned about plot this week.  Ask your child about this!  We worked on summarizing stories using the plot's main events.  The class created Screamin' Good Summaries!